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Ultra Bright Warning LED Light Strips for All Tesla Models

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Delivering Safety & Style To Your Door! 

With 144 LED bulbs to ensure optimal brightness and safety, there's no need to compromise on elegance with our Ultra Bright Warning LED Light Strips for your front doors! With easy installation, no extra tools are required to bring out your Tesla's vibrancy. Our light strips are by default white for a warm welcome, but will flash red as a warning when our sensors detect that your car doors are open. Reduce your accident risk while bringing your unique Tesla to life! 

These light strips are independently researched and developed by our manufacturer's designers and engineers in conjunction with our very own R&D team! They are customized to fit all Teslas as well as many BMW and Mercedes models due to the similar length and shape of the front doors.  


  • Weather-proof: Our LED Light Strips are IP67 ice-proof and sun-proof as well as IP68 waterproof to withstand even the roughest of storms. They work best from -40°C to 50°C, so don't worry, we've got you covered!
  • Easy Installation: Simply peel back the adhesive and stick it onto the inner door trim! Connect the wiring according to the instructions and as see in the video! 
  • Fool-proof Design: Reduce your accident risk to near zero and be a champion of safety! Our vibrant red and white colors are guaranteed to be a showstopper, promoting awe and caution among passersby.